Mere Joyce

Full Registered Teacher

Kia Ora Whanau, Ko Mere Joyce ahau!
I believe that teachers learn from children as much as children learn from teachers. The process of Ako signifies how children and teachers from unique bonds and learn with and from each other. I feel that children encourage us to reflect on our teaching and adapt our practices to better suit their needs and interests in order to help them learn., grow and develop in an early childhood setting. As an educator and caregiver, I understand that every child is unique and this is why I believe that the teaching process should be tailored to each child in consideration of their interests, abilities and their learning needs. Children need to feel respected and know that their cultures and beliefs are valued in order for them to feel safe, trustful and stimulated in their learning environment. I strive to achieve this by forming positive relationships with the children and their Whanau by building on the knowledge that children bring and I extend on this further to give them the best start to their education.


Dedicated to your child's needs and care.

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