Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

Common Questions

  • What is the Cost of Childcare from Tic-Tac-Toe?
    It is best to call between 9-3 and talk to Bian or come into the office at 13 Glasgow St.

    Our Little Sprouts kindergarten at 50 Onslow Street Huntly is for 3 year Olds and above. We offer 30 hours free for 3-5 year olds. At Little Sprouts you will be required to provide lunch. Snacks and drink bottles are provided.*

    We also provide 6 hours free for children under the age of 3 years. This is with a minimum of two 6 hour days Meals included.*

    *Work and Income conditions do apply to those who are entitled to receive it. Otherwise, our discount fee are $45 for these two days up to 6 hours a day for parents who don't qualify for WINZ, and any hours over 6 hours per day accrues a fee.

    Our charge for casual care is $7.50 hour/$60 per day maximum. Meals included.

    Minimum booking on any day is six hours.

    Work and Income NZ subsidies may be available for your family. They may pay up to $5.37 per hour towards our fees if you qualify. It pays to organize this a week in advance as they do not back-pay for childcare.

    Contact Work and Income NZ or visit to see what your family is entitled to receive.
    Ask us if you need clarification or help. We also have Winz forms at the centre which we will need to sign and the form then needs to be taken to Work and Income NZ offices before your child/children's start date. You will need to pay any fee costs that work and income do not cover.
  • How do I pay?
    We will give you an AP form. Payment is due in advance. You may also pay by Internet Banking. We do not accept cash.
  • What are your hours and do you have holidays?
    We are open MON-FRI 7am-5.30pm.
    We are open during school holidays. Payment is required for any Public holidays in which your child is booked.
    We are not open on Public holidays. You are NOT required to pay during our Xmas break which is usually 10-14 days, and starts normally 24th December through till after New Year’s Day.
  • What learning Programmes do you have?
    Tic-tac-toe provides child initiated, interest based programmes designed to extend each child’s learning interest and needs. We use the Noticing-Recognising-Responding programme planning cycle. Example: we notice a few children are very focused on playing dinosaur toys. We recognise the interest and then we respond by incorporating as much learning as we can in different activities. We would for example make dinosaur bones, build a dinosaur environment, go to the library and get books about dinosaurs, research all the different types and their names, pretend to be dinosaurs, make dinosaurs using playdough, discuss what they eat and what they do, draw dinosaurs, put them in our gloop, bury them in our sand-pit while counting, grouping, talking, laughing and learning.

    We aim to foster a love of learning.

    We teach our children from very young by guiding them towards safe and healthy choices, independence and social competence.

    Our Under 2 year olds learning programmes will be based on their tactile development stages. This allows your child to grow and develop at their own pace within a caring and nurturing environment. They will be given lots of experiences including baking and messy play.

    When they are ready we will start to transition your child to the Over 2's room, this may be before they are two or after, they may take one week to transition or three months and we go with the flow of the individual child and their needs.

    Our new centre Little Sprouts Kindergarten for 3 to 5 year olds follows the above but also has a transition to school focus. We will endeavour to make the transition to school flow easily and successfully.
  • What are Tic-Tac-Toe's Teacher to child ratio's?
    We have excellent staff to child ratios.
    For children under 2s old there is at least one teacher per 4 children.
    For the over 2s old's we also maintain higher than regulation ratio’s with usually about 1 teacher to every 7-8 children.

    This keeps both the staff and children contented and safe.

    The Ministry of Education regulations are a minimum of 1 teacher per 5 Under 2s and 1 teacher per 10 Over 2s.
  • What excursions do you do?
    We plan excursions based around the interests of our tamariki.

    We also have ‘incursions’ for example the reptile man, fire department, St Johns, police, puppet shows, culture shows, animal visits, magicians, bird shows and anything else that the children are showing an interest in! We will have from time to time community child friendly functions to walk to in groups.

    We want our children to have a sense of belonging in the community and we visit local parks, schools, the library and shops, fire station etc.
  • Do you provide meals and snacks?
    For under 3 years old we provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and water as the main drink. Over 3 years old you will need to provide the lunch in a lunch box. However, snacks and drinks are provided. We have a Healthy Eating Policy and all meals are healthy and nutritious. If your child refuses to eat what is being served for lunch they will not go hungry and they will be given a sandwich for example.

    If your child has allergies to any food or culturally specific requirements the kitchen staff will be aware. You can expect us to support you and your child/children. If you are of a culture that your child will have periods where certain food is not to be consumed and at other times it can, please communicate this in writing and person with our cook/staff the week before.
  • What do I have to provide?
    If your child is in nappies then you will be required to provide disposable nappies/wipes and any cream/powder of your choice.

    If your child is still having a bottle then you will be required to provide the bottles and formula of your choice. These are all used for your child only.

    Two spare changes of clothes every day is required, as your child may get wet during wet/messy play, especially if your child is toilet training. Wet clothing will be placed in a plastic bag and tied to the outside of your child’s bag.

    You will need to provide a named sun hat during summer months and a beanie or similar for winter.

    For 3 year Olds and older you will be required to provide a lunchbox with a healthy lunch. Guidelines for healthy lunches provided upon request. Snacks not required.
  • Are older and younger children seperated?
    We do have a separate area for ages 0-2 year olds. It has a sleeping room with viewing window, and is set up with age appropriate resources. They will interact with the older children for small periods of time each day. This keeps our babies safe. The Under 2's room have their own outside space which is just beautiful with fruiting and flowering plants and bamboo fencing. It also has a little bumpy bike track.
  • How do you consult with us?
    Largely we consult via Facebook and one on one conversations.
    Any notices will be placed in parents’ pocket or on the entrance notice board and always added to our Facebook page.
    Communication is encouraged on a daily basis. If there is a concern or anything you would like to discuss with us, please make an appointment or speak to the staff member you are most comfortable with.
    All ERO (Education Review Office) reviews, newsletters, and MOE (Ministry of Education) information will be displayed.
    You can search our latest Education Review online (Tictactoe Educare ERO report) and see how we are placed.
  • What can I expect from Tic-Tac-Toe Educare?
    A continued dedication for Tic-tac-toe Educare to be the best choice for you and your family. We want you and your child to have happy memories of your time with us.

    Our centres are specially built for caring for children to be as hazard free as possible and enjoyable for children and staff.

    Importantly, Tic-tac-toe’s teachers have a passion for teaching young children. Our commitment is to build strong relationships with the children and parents/caregivers, to focus on child initiated learning, enjoyable experiences, building their social competence and self-help skills and to care for your children in a nurturing, relaxed and warm way. Your child will be well nourished, both body and soul.

    You can expect us to embrace your child and your family as part of our centre family. All races/cultures are respected and welcomed.

    Our teachers are approachable, knowledgeable, professional and confident, so please feel at ease to discuss at any stage anything about your child.

    Your contributions to your child’s learning is acknowledged and encouraged. Your child’s portfolio is very special to us as it is their lasting memory of their/your time with us. We enjoy capturing your child’s learning, growth and development and special moments while in our care.
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